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All people have totally different sorts of a headache and extremely handily, individuals treat themselves with straightforward painkillers, drinking further water, taking rest or just by awaiting a headache to subside on its own. Even so, headaches will be distressing and disabling, and generally, individuals worry that they’ll have a significant underlying cause. actually, most headaches are unpleasant however cause no lasting damage.

What are the various kinds of headache?

Headaches will be primary, or they’ll be secondary which suggests they’re a side-effect of a separate sickness or injury. Dr. Deepashu faith says, your doctor will typically tell the reason for your headache by reprimand you and examining you totally. Once he or she has discovered the cause then you’ll be ready to decide the way to cut back or stop the headaches. this might involve taking medication only you get the headaches, taking daily medication to forestall them or, sometimes, stopping a medicine you’re already taking.

Primary headaches

The most common kinds of headache are tension headaches and migraines.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are sometimes felt as a band or across the forehead. they’ll last for many days. they’ll be uncomfortable and wearying, however, they are doing not sometimes disturb sleep. most of the people will continue operating with a headache. they’re not sometimes created worse by physical activity, though it’s common to be a touch-sensitive to bright lightweight or noise.

Tension headaches tend to induce worse because the day goes on and are typically least within the morning. (An exception to the present would be a headache caused by sleeping in a clumsy position inflicting a sore neck.) Tension headaches are sometimes felt on each side of the pinnacle (known as symmetrical) – most frequently the front. they’re typically known as pressure headaches. they’ll interrupt work and concentration however sometimes not enough to send you to bed.

Tension headaches are caused by tightness within the muscles at the rear of the neck and over the scalp. Tiredness, stress and a clumsy sleeping position will build them worse. Some individuals get tension headaches if they drink an excessive amount of caffeine or alcohol, if they don’t drink enough water or if they are going for an extended time between meals and become bored and hungry.

Tension headaches sometimes reply to straightforward painkillers. Changes in manner will facilitate – like having less caffeine and a lot of water, and a wise diet. dynamic pillows will generally facilitate, as will obtaining adequate sleep and avoiding excessive noise. often tension headaches will be caused by poor vision, significantly if reading in low lightweight for long periods.


Migraines also are quite common. A typical hemicrania is one-sided and throbbing. Indeed, headaches that are one-sided, headaches that throb and headaches that cause you to feel sick ar a lot of seemingly to be migraines than the rest. Migraines are typically severe enough to be disabling. Some patients got to visit bed to nod off their headache.

Migraines will last something from four hours to 3 days. they’re typically created worse by movement or sound. Patients typically feel sick (nausea) or are sick (vomit), notwithstanding the pain isn’t severe. typically patients realize bright lightweight and even TV build a headache worse. most of the people with migraines have 1-2 attacks a month.

What is the treatment for migraines?

Migraines will improve with rest, sleep, darkness and quiet. a drink will facilitate if you don’t feel sick, and straightforward painkillers like paracetamol and Nuprin will be effective. many folks realize that they’re not, and have special hemicrania medication prescribed by their doctor. These medications will contains tablets that you are taking after you have a headache. However, some individuals take a daily pill to act as a hemicrania preventer, and this may be a decent resolution for people who have frequent migraines.

Migraines will be triggered by stress, sure foods like chocolate and vino, tiredness, and lack of humor (dehydration).

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are terribly severe headaches, generally known as ‘suicide headaches’. They occur in clusters, typically on a daily basis for a variety of days or maybe weeks. Then they disappear for months on finish. they’re uncommon and have a tendency to occur significantly in man smokers. they’re severe, one-sided headaches, that are extremely terribly disabling (that is, they forestall regular activity).

Cluster headaches are sometimes one-sided. Patients typically have a red watery eye on the affected aspect, a stuffy fluid nose, and a lax lid.

What is the treatment for cluster headaches?

Cluster headaches sometimes need treatment from your doctor, which may be with tablets or often with indrawn atomic number 8.

Chronic daily headaches

Chronic daily headache or chronic headache is typically caused by muscle tension within the back of the neck and affects girls a lot of typically than men. Chronic implies that the condition is persistent and current. These headaches will be started by neck injuries or temporary state and should be created worse by medication overuse (see below). A headache that happens virtually on a daily basis for 6 months or a lot of is termed a chronic daily headache.

What is the treatment for chronic daily headaches?

This type of headache is best treated by physiatrics, avoiding painkillers and sometimes by medication medications (many of which may be effective against chronic headaches).

Primary stabbing headaches

Primary stabbing headaches are generally known as ‘ice-pick headaches’ or ‘idiopathic stabbing headache.’ The term ‘idiopathic’ is employed by doctors for one thing that comes while not a cause. These are short, stabbing headaches that are terribly sharp and severe. they typically last between five and thirty seconds, at any time of the day or night, and that they feel as if associate degree ice choose is being stuck in your head. They typically occur in or simply behind the ear and that they will be quite horrifying. though they’re not migraines they’re a lot of common in those that get migraines – virtually 1/2 those that expertise migraines get primary stabbing headaches. they’re typically felt within the place on the pinnacle wherever the migraines tend to occur.

What is the treatment for primary stabbing headaches?

Primary stabbing headaches are too short to treat, though headache interference medications could cut back their range.

Trigeminal neurology

Trigeminal neuralgia causes pains – chiefly within the face. These contain very short bursts of electrical shock-like pain within the face – within the space of the eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, jaws, and/or lips. it’s sometimes one-sided and is a lot of common in individuals over the age of fifty. It will be triggered by bit or air on the face.

What is the treatment for cranial nerve neuralgia?

Usually, neuralgia will be treated with preventative medicines.

What are the various kinds of secondary headache?

Sometimes headaches have underlying causes, and treatment of a headache involves treating the cause. individuals typically worry that headaches are caused by serious sickness, or by high force per unit area. each of those is very uncommon causes of a headache – so high force per unit area sometimes causes no symptoms the least bit.

Chemicals, medication and substance withdrawal

Secondary headaches will be thanks to a substance or its withdrawal – for instance, monoxide (which is created by gas heaters that aren’t properly ventilated), drinking alcohol (with a headache typically seasoned the morning after), and lack of humor (dehydration). Medication-overuse headaches mentioned below, ar the foremost common reason for a secondary headache.

Medication-overuse headaches

A medication-overuse headache is an associate degree unpleasant and lasting headache. it’s caused by taking painkilling medication – sometimes for a headache! sadly, once painkillers have taken often for headaches, the body responds by creating a lot of pain sensors within the head. Eventually, the pain sensors are numerous that the pinnacle is super-sensitive and therefore the headache won’t escape. those that have these headaches typically take a lot of and a lot of painkillers to do to feel higher.

What is the treatment for medication-overuse headaches?

Unfortunately, the treatment is to prevent all painkillers for a minimum of a month. Most patients realize this terribly laborious strive to and take a great deal of convincing to even try. The headaches could take weeks or maybe months to reduce.

Headaches thanks to pain

Some headaches will be caused by pain in another a part of the pinnacle, like a tooth or ear pain, pain within the jaw joint and pains within the neck.

Exertional headaches/sexual headaches

Exertional headaches are those related to physical activity. they’ll become severe terribly quickly when a strenuous activity like running, coughing, sexual activity and straining with viscus movements.

Headaches associated with sex significantly worry patients. they’ll occur as sex begins, at orgasm, or when sex is over. Headaches at coming ar the foremost common kind. they have an inclination to be severe, at the rear of the pinnacle, behind the eyes or everywhere. They last concerning twenty minutes and aren’t sometimes a symbol of the other issues.

Exertional and sexual intercourse-related headaches aren’t sometimes a symbol of significant underlying issues. terribly often they’ll be a symbol that there’s a leaky vas on the surface of the brain, therefore if they’re marked and continual then it’s smart to debate them along with your doctor.

What kinds of a headache ar serious or dangerous?

All headaches are unpleasant and a few, like a headache from medication misuse, is serious within the sense that if they’re not tackled properly they’ll ne’er escape. However, some headaches are signs of significant underlying issues. These ar uncommon – in several cases terribly rare.

Dangerous headaches tend to occur suddenly and to induce more and worse over time. they’re a lot of common in older individuals. They embody the following:

Bleeding around the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage)

Meningitis and brain infections

Meningitis is associate degree infection of the tissues around the brain associate degreed redness is an infection of the brain itself. Brain infections will be caused by germs known as microorganism, viruses or fungi and that they are fortunately rare. They cause a severe, disabling headache. Usually, patients are sick (vomit) and can’t stand the sunshine. typically they need a stiff neck, too stiff to bend the pinnacle down in order that the chin touches the chest. Patients are sometimes conjointly unwell – hot, wet and sick.

Temporal inflammation

Temporal inflammatory disease is, generally, solely seen in individuals over the age of fifty. it’s caused by swelling (inflammation) of the arteries within the temples and behind the attention. It causes a headache behind the forehead. usually, the arteries within the forehead are tender and patients notice pain within the scalp after they comb their hair. typically the pain gets worse with chew. arteritis is serious as a result of if it’s not treated it will cause a sharp loss of visual sense.

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